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About us

YINGLI MACHINERY focus on spay pumping technology. We mostly engaged in various of building machine design, produce, sale and service.

We introduce advanced German spray painting pump technology,and keep continues to develop with innovation. Up to now we had been the famous manufacturer of China in spray pumping field. And Passed ISO9001 certification.

Our mostly products include concrete shotcrete pump,mixer and conveyor; cement mortar plastering machine and mixer; high pressure grouting machine; high pressure airless sprayer etc. Our business had reach to Hongkong, Southeast Aisa, Europe, North America, South America and Africa.

● Design-Produce-Sale-Service of the building spray painting machine
● Wholesale and Retail of the Building spray painting machine related products
● Service for any kinds of spray painting project
● Design and produce for any kinds of customized machine and parts
● Produce for any customized hardware parts, including wire EDM parts, lathe parts, milling parts,CNC parts,stamping parts etc...
>>> Ready-mixed Plasters
>>> Common and Special Mortars
>>> Finishing Coats
>>> Concrete and Shotcrete
>>> Screeds Self-leveing
>>> Five complete lines, combining a great range,with specific solutions for any type of building work
>>> High valve added machines that are unique in design, performance, energy saving and are long lasting
>>> Uniquely characteristic of the yingli brand


Contact: Bob.S

Phone: 13533772103

Tel: 020-87039336

Email: gzyingli@126.com

Add: No.4, Beiping, Kemulang, Tianhe, Guangzhou, Zip 510520 PRC.

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